Bridge of Scotland & Asia: Opportunities and Future

Launching on 5th February 2016, the conference hopes to attract delegates of fellow students and young professionals, complete with panel discussions, workshops and a wine reception. The event will host a distinguished group of experts in Asian journalism, business, education and culture invited to give insights into matters such as the global effect of the Asian economy and multilateral diplomacy between the UK and Asian countries.

The conference was established in May 2015 by a passionate group of students at the University of Edinburgh. The co-chairs released a statement saying, “The purpose of the conference is to provide a source of knowledge and expertise for all students and professionals in Edinburgh with an interest in living or working in Asia. We are passionate about building bridges between Edinburgh and Asia and hope this event will expose more students in Edinburgh to the exciting personal and career opportunities which Asia offers.”

Having confirmed the Playfair Library in the university’s world-renowned Old College, as well as receiving support from prestigious organisations such as 48 Group Club and the Scottish Parliament, this new initiative has been very well received by the audience.


If you are interested in opportunities between Scotland and China, please contact: [email protected]


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Advert: Learn Chinese at Hutong London
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