British Chinese artist Le Fil’s new music video – Taxi

City lights, cab rides and urban landscapes feature in Le Fil’s new music video for Taxi – a sultry and pulsing electronic pop track that describes an adventurous late-night encounter with a taxi driver.

With its iconic opening line, Le Fil takes us on a voyeuristic journey through the electric streets of London in this multi-layered, self-directed video.

“Living in London can sometimes feel quite claustrophobic, and sometimes you just need an escape and an adventure. Taxi is about that need and yearning for a new experience, some way of breaking out.

On the surface, the lyrics feel like they’re describing a superficial casual affair, but I wanted to go deeper to the heart of those encounters” describes Le Fil. That’s why I made the video feel like you’re trying to peel back through the layers to find something.

The sound is glossy, but the visual is grainy, voyeuristic, DIY and personal – a totally raw video that was made with an iPhone and a dash cam!”


Taxi was written by Le Fil and produced by British producer Frankmusik, and appears on Le Fil’s new Nightlife EP – which also features the 80’s inspired launch single Genesis.

“When I was writing this EP, I was inspired by a lot of movies – Drive, Fifth Element, Akira – they all formed a visual backdrop for this epic world I was creating with the music. So I was extremely lucky to collaborate with Frankmusik on it as he was perfect at giving a really big cinematic finish to the sound”.

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