British Chinese composer’s innovative album featuring digital erhu

Celebrate Chinese New Year with British Chinese composer Andy Leung as he releases innovative album featuring digital erhu

Music composer and producer Andy Leung set to launch his debut electronic album ‘New Cola’ on the 13th Feb 2016. The event will take places at the China Exchange venue in the heart of London’s Chinatown during the festive Chinese New Year period.

Featuring internationally renowned erhu player Wan Pin Chu, whose virtuosic performance impressed by President of China Xi Jinping and Prince William Duke of Cambridge alike.

Developed as part of the project, Chu will be performing on the world’s first digital erhu, allowing him to create sounds and effects that was previously impossible, whilst Leung also performs using an innovative 5-dimensional keyboard.

Leung stated, “Since the success of the EP last year, we are delighted to announced this album. This is a best of both world project – we’ve combined our passion for electronic music with a Chinese music. We both love new music, new technologies, and we believe this is a truly unique collection of music.”

As part of the album tour campaign, the duo will also perform at Trafalgar Square on the 14th Feb for the Chinese New Year Celebration in London.

Chu also added, “this is a forward thinking and innovative project, as an erhu player, this approach has totally transformed a traditional instrument into a cutting edge new instrument. I am sure this will inspire a new generation of erhu repertoire.”

Supported by Help Musician UK, China Exchange and Beat Nations, tickets available here:


庆祝中国农历新年- 英国华人作曲家梁启浩(Andy Leung)与电子二胡家专辑演出发布会

音乐作曲家及制作人梁启浩将于2016年2月13日发布他的首张电子专辑’New Cola’。该活动将于充满中国新年节日气氛的伦敦唐人街中国站(China Exchange)场会举行。



梁启浩表示:“上年发布的迷你专辑十分成功,我们也非常高兴宣布这张专辑的发布。 把我们对电子音乐的热爱与中乐结合一起,这是一个两全其美的项目。 我们俩都喜欢新的音乐,新科技,同时我们相信这是一个真正独一无二的的音乐组合。”


朱芸编亦表示:“这是一个前瞻性和创新项目,作为二胡演奏家,这项作品完全把一个传统的乐器改造为前沿的新乐器。我相信这一定能启发到新一代的二胡曲目。 ”

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