British Chinese in Profile: Jackson Ng


By CY Tan – Nee Hao’s Political Correspondent

Jackson Ng is one of the most prolific British Chinese people in Britain’s political arena as the Conservative Friends of the Chinese group’s Director and an Advisor to Lord Wei of Shoreditch in Parliament (Lord Wei is the first British-born Chinese member of the House of Lords) since 2011. Jackson’s role has enabled him to be at the heart of British politics – especially around recent developments in Britain’s relationship with China.

As many people predicted would happen, Jackson has been selected as a parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party in the 2015 General Election. He will be standing in Liverpool Riverside – a constitency with a sizeable ethnic Chinese population.

However, Jackson is more than a rising political figure. He is also a successful lawyer, a keen advocate for the British Chinese community and a start-up entrepreneur.

UK - China Leaders Forum 2011 attended with cross party MPs, Peers, representatives from the Chinese Communist Party, FCO and Chinese Embassy.
UK – China Leaders Forum 2011 attended with cross party MPs, Peers, representatives from the Chinese Communist Party, FCO and Chinese Embassy (Jackson Ng – Top row, first on the left).

Jackson has various long lasting ties with a number of charities, professional organisations and student groups, including the Chinese Welfare Trust and the Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme. The Chinese Welfare Trust, which was founded in 2008 and of which Jackson is a trustee of, supports, helps and empowers poor, elderly and vulnerable Chinese people living in the UK. The Diaspora Leadership Programme that Jackson helped to found, helps, trains, supports and connects with young leaders of tomorrow. The organisation has helped promising and dedicated professionals from a variety of sectors, including business, finance, art and literature, fashion, media, science and technology.

Having read law at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) and at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), Jackson now practises law on a part-time basis at Chan Neill Solicitors, a prominent British-Chinese firm based in London and been representing members of the Chinese community in high profile cases that have been reported on BBC News, The Telegraph, CCTV and Xinhua News. In his spare time he is also involved with various businesses as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor.

Jackson continues to campaign to increase the British Chinese people’s interest in politics and to encourage them to vote. This passion stems from his memorable time as a volunteer with the non-partisan British Chinese Project, whose aim is to improve our community’s attitude to politics. Jackson hopes that the future will see more of British Chinese broadening their knowledge of politics and understanding why it is important for them to get involved and vote.

The British Chinese community is known to be one of the ‘silent’ ethnic minorities in the Britain but that does not mean they don’t have issues to face, such as racism and intergration – Jackson wants those issues heard and tackled.

In Parliament and on public policy, Jackson advises on a range of different issues and his work has taken him to working with the Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UKTI and the Diplomatic Corp.

Jackson believes that the strengthening of economic ties between Britain and China plays a strong part in securing Britain’s economic recovery and that the British Chinese community has a unique role to play in furthering this relationship in addition to their already recognisable contributions to the country in culture, arts, business and science.

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