Chefs Lisa and Helen Tse awarded MBE

Entrepreneurial twin-sisters Helen and Lisa Tse introduce their diverse range of traditional and adapted Chinese dishes in their fantastic first cookbook. Their restaurant, Sweet Mandarin won Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese restaurant on Channel 4’s The F Word. They have recently been awarded an MBE on the New Years Honours List 2014, giving them deserved recognition for services to food.

Lisa says: “I am shocked and delighted with this prestigious MBE award. A few months ago, we sent some of our gluten free, nut free sauces to The Queen and received a letter back from Her Majesty saying they were special. That was amazing, but to receive the MBE is incredible.”

With their grandmother Lily Kwok credited as one of the pioneers  introducing Chinese cuisine to the UK (her restaurant was opened before China Town Manchester), her delicious recipes passed down through generations and range from stocks and sauces, poultry and eggs, to rice and noodles.


All the Chinese dishes you know and love are featured in Sweet Mandarin such as Chicken Skewers with Satay Dip, Aromatic Crispy Duck and Sweet Mandarin Barbeque Ribs as well as some exciting, less familiar dishes; Cantonese Steamed Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion, Hokkien Fried Rice and Mapo Tofu. For a quick and easy dinner, try the much-loved Chicken Chow Mein or impress your guests with the indulgent Celebration Lobster Noodles. You can even finish with a flourish and enjoy a traditional Chinese desert of Mango Pudding or The Aphrodisiac Sweet Chilli Strawberry Daiquiri.

From Chairman Mao’s Red Cooked Pork to Lily’s ‘life-saving’ Chicken Stock, ‘Mabel’s Claypot Chicken hailed by Gordon Ramsay and their winning dish on The F Word, to Eric’s Love Offering of Steak and Leek Stir Fry, the dish that helped their father win their mother’s heart, Helen and Lisa share not only their treasured family recipes, but also the endearing anecdotes which accompany each dish.

Including indispensable knowledge such as what to stock in your Chinese store cupboard, vital utensils and the secret to the perfect stir fry, the Chinese philosophy that inspires their cuisine shines through in this gorgeous collection of family recipes and stories. This is the go-to tome for Chinese food lovers!

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