The Pipa and Guqin Virtuoso – Cheng Yu


Internationally renowned pipa and guqin virtuoso, scholar and specialist in Chinese music, Cheng Yu will perform at Club Inégales on Thursday, 25th June 2015. Alongside her, the evening dedicated to traditional Chinese music instruments will host guest performances by Wang Yiao (erhu) and Mengmeng Wu (guzheng).

In a special appearance, the Euston venue will welcome the distinguished Chinese writer and advocate Xinran critically acclaimed particularly for her books China Witness – Voices From a Silent Generation and The Good Women of China : Hidden Voices.

Born to an artistic family in Beijing, Cheng Yu grew up in the Gobi desert in Gansu, Northwest China where her family had been exiled during the Cultural Revolution. Based in London since 1990’s, she has established herself as the pre-eminent specialist in Chinese music both on concert stage and academic ground. Her collaborations with the likes of Karl Jenkins, London Sinfonietta, Damon Albarn, or Lyon Ensemble Orchestra Contemporain have won her international acclaim, as did her extensive research on both traditional and contemporary Chinese music at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Distinguished British-Chinese writer, journalist and advocate for women’s issues Xinran came to wide international recognition for her 2002 book The Good Women of China in which she focused on women’s issues in contemporary Chinese society, a topic she continues to actively champion throughout her career, most recently in China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation or as a frequent contributor to the BBC and The Guardian.

Get enchanted by Cheng Yu and her guests in an evening of traditional Chinese music, as part of its Original Voices series.


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Click here for ticket info
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