China-Britain Young Leaders Forum Invitation (中英青年对话) 2012


19th–20th November, 2012, London. Asia House, LSE Confucius Institute and Houses of Parliament – This year, the annual China-Britain Youth Dialogue will bring together thirty young leaders from Britain and China’s creative industries to discuss how to strengthen China and Britain’s creative relationship by exploring the opportunities and challenges of young creative professionals.

Participants will share their knowledge, experience and insight; discuss with leading figures within the industry, leading thinkers and policy makers to debate the key issues surrounding the ‘China-Britain creative relationship’ and ways to strengthen this relationship. These sessions will take place from the evening of the 19th to the evening of the 20th inclusive at three venues: Asia House, LSE and Parliament.

If you are British or Chinese, aged between 18 and 30 years old, have a proven track record of professional or academic success in the creative industries, and want to make a meaningful contribution to the China-Britain ‘creative relationship’, please send your CV and a cover letter (max. 300 words) in English to: [email protected]

Your cover letter should highlight why you are interested in the Dialogue, and the contribution you hope you can make. If you would like to volunteer during the Dialogue instead of participating, please indicate this in your cover letter.



伦敦, 20121119-20日 

地点: 伦敦政治经济学院 & 国会大厦

此次中英青年对话将汇集来自中国和英国的创新产业的30位青年 领袖, 共同探讨如何通过年轻创新人才的机遇和挑战来稳固和加强中英两国之间的创新型产业关系。

参与者将分享他们的知识、经验和深刻的见解; 与行业内的领军人 物,有创建的思想者以及政策制定者围绕“中英创新型产业关系” 和如何稳固和加强这种关系的相关问题进行讨论。

如果你来自英国或者中国年龄在18-30岁之间在创新产业领域有 着专业或者学术上的成功经验并且希望对中英“创新型产业关系” 做出有意义的贡献请将你的个人简历 和 附信(最多300 字)用英文发送至[email protected]

请在附信中说明你为什么对此次对话感兴趣以及希望能做出的贡 献。如果你想以志愿者的身份参与此次对话,请在附信中注明。 详细信息请访问

 申请截止日期: 2012101日,星期一



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