China bureau relieved as ‘special relationship’ preserved with Hinkley Power Station

Photo courtsesy of EDF Energy

Directors of the Bristol and West of England China Bureau heaved a collective sigh of relief at the news Theresa May had given the final go-ahead to the Hinkley C project.

The Bureau – which works to establish closer cultural, educational and business links with China – had feared the ‘Golden Era’ in UK-Sino relations would have been put in jeopardy had Hinkley C been shelved.

Bureau chief executive Dianne Francombe said: “Theresa May’s decision to press ahead will be a major catalyst for the West of England region. It has to be tempered as we don’t know the full details of the new conditions to be applied to the deal.

“However, it’s a positive outcome for our economy and it will be a huge benefit to the region. It will surely be the catalyst for further Chinese investment into the region.”

“It will open doors for investors who can take advantage of our excellent communications and transport routes through Bristol Port and Bristol Airport.”

 Dianne Francombe said colleagues had hardly dared contemplate the consequences had the PM ruled against the scheme.

“For us, this is not just a business decision. We have spent the last fifteen years convincing businesses in the West to explore closer trade links with China.

“We can now look forward to a steep increase in activity as British firms work more closely  with Chinese investors. Businesses already set up to support the Hinkley development can press the start button on a vast range of operations – creating thousands of jobs for the   region.”

Closer relationships with the rest of the World, and particularly China, were more important than ever given the decision to leave the EU.”

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