Chinatown Street Party for Diamond Jubilee 4th June

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary on the throne, restaurants, bars, and various businesses in London Chinatown will jointly prepare a grand outdoor street party and offer a wide range of entertainments on Monday 4th June in honour of the Diamond Jubilee!

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Everyone is invited to participate (free!) in London Chinatown’s first-ever street party from noon on Monday 4th June, where streets will be cheerfully and colourfully dressed in flags, banners, and other royal decorations. The entire Lisle Street will be for pedestrians only, with outdoor seating available and a specially-created entertainment programme that includes free offering of tea and canapés, live DJ dance music hosted by Ku Bar, tea ceremony, Chinese chess competition, live cooking demonstration in various participating restaurants, and an amazing food carving sculpture show by renowned multi-award-winning Taiwanese master chef Mr Song-Lian Wu.

Chinatown London

Highlights of the street part, Monday 4th June:

12 pm: Outdoor Tea Ceremony Party will be held at Chinatown’s landmark Hexagonal Pavilion, where both English tea and Chinese tea will be served, in style. There will also be opportunity to win restaurant vouchers from lucky draws!

1 pm: At Dumplings’ Legend restaurant (15-16 Gerrard Street), which is London’s first and only Xiao-Long-Bao (Shanghai-style soup dumplings) specialist where each soup dumpling is freshly handmade to order, master dim sum chef Mr Hai-Fong Fang will be showing us the craft art of making Xiao-Long-Bao.

2 pm: At Wulumuchi restaurant (16 Lisle Street), which features the very rare regional cuisine from north-west China and exotic food from Xinjiang province, there will be a tasting introduction to such a rare Chinese regional cuisine.

This restaurant in Chinatown, serves an amazing duck noodle soup

3 pm: At London’s most authentic Sichuan restaurant Empress of Sichuan (6 Lisle Street), their talented head chef Mr Yi Ge will be showcasing an innovative and refreshing take on a selection of cold food.

4 pm: At London’s one and only Taiwanese restaurant, Leong’s Legend (26-27 Lisle Street), a live demonstration showcasing how to make a perfect cup of bubble tea followed by tasting will be available. Bubble tea originated from Taiwan, and has become a new sensational summer drink very popular in London right now!

5 pm: Mr Geoffrey Leong, who represents an impressive portfolio of successful Chinese and Japanese restaurants across Chinatown and central London, will give a speech on ‘How the Chinese changed Chinatown’, based on the Economist’s interview article with him. This takes place outside Leong’s Legend (26-27 Lisle Street).

Also at 5 pm, sensational new singing group The Supreme Fabulettes will be performing outside Ku Bar on Lisle Street, The Supreme Fabulettes is Time Out’s no. 1 Critics Choice, ‘dressed head to foot in fabulous couture costumes, wearing stunning wigs and death defying high heels, turn on the glitz and glamour to perform hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s’.

6 pm: Outside Leong’s Legend (26-27 Lisle Street), a multiple-awards-winning master chef Mr Song-Lian from Taiwan will have a live carving demonstration that showcases some of his most amazing food carving sculptures, and also a cooking demonstration of most quintessentially Taiwanese dishes, which are to be featured in Leong’s Legend’s menu after the celebration.

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