Chineasy: Engaging illustrated methodology for learning Chinese

Chineasy allows people to learn to read Chinese easily by recognising common characters through simple illustrations. Behind the charming and engaging illustrations, the entire system is based on a rather complex programme designed by University of Cambridge graduate ShaoLan Hsueh.

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Born in Taipei and now living in London, ShaoLan is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, traveller and dreamer. ShaoLan has had several dramatic changes of career in the past. While studying for an MBA she wrote four best-selling books on software, awarded “book of the year” in Taiwan. In her second semester she co-founded her first venture, pAsia Inc. Under her leadership pAsia became a major player in the internet sector in the Greater China area in the late 1990’s. After moving to London she began investing in and advising young technology companies through Caravel Capital, which she founded in 2005 whilst studying at the University of Cambridge. She has also been a director of five UK-based technology companies.

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After taking a sabbatical, ShaoLan is now focused on sharing a new method of learning Chinese: Chineasy, described as “a visual-based learning system that teaches Chinese characters, simple stories & phrases. Her aim is to bring down the great wall of Chinese language, and to bridge the gap between East and West.

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Coming up soon on Nee Hao Magazine, an interview with the entrepreneurial founder, ShaoLan.

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