Paul Hyu – The Charming Chinese Elvis

Chinese Elvis aka Paul Hyu is the first and only Chinese Elvis impersonator registered with the actors’ union, Equity. He has been on TV programmes and films, and also the charity Elvis-tribute edition of The Weakest Link quiz, winning the show and raising nearly £6,000 for the NSPCC and the Islington Chinese Association.


Paul Hyu has been very busy recently with gigs up and down the country and his quirky take on being the king of rock and roll. The act has proved to be very popular with audiences, combining classic songs of Elvis, with his special Chinese Elvis style. Paul is also an actor. He greatly supports getting more British Chinese/East Asians in film and on TV.

He says ” show business is a challenging industry to get in to, and for a British Chinese/East Asian, even more so. I hope to inspire people and if you have a passion for something, follow it through. When I first started there was hardly any famous British Chinese actors in the mainstream apart from maybe David Yip, and the sad thing is that if you ask anyone on the street to name one today, don’t be surprised if they can’t “. 

‘Love me tender’

He once produced a mini series with a controversial title about challenging the British public to name a famous British born Chinese with comedy sketches, which was aired on Channel 4. Presently, he wants to refine and embrace his new persona to take it up a few levels.



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