Chinese Police Car In Hit And Run

Video footage of a shocking hit and run incident by what is believed to be a traffic police car from the Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County in the Liaoning province, China, has gone viral. The incident was captured on a car cam by a motorist using the North Ring Road on March 31st 2013. 

One netizen under the handle Xiao Bao commented that 3 parties were at fault, the traffic police for not stopping, the hit and run victim for jaywalking and that the motorist who filmed the footage should not have obstructed the police car by moving over.

2013年3月31日早8点零9分, 在辽宁省阜新蒙古族自治县北环路, 一辆阜蒙县交警支队的车辆逆行压双黄线撞倒一个行人, 视频显示车辆没有减速反而加速行驶离开现场, 没有停车救人. 作为国家公仆的交警竟然肇事逃逸, 网友们看了视频纷纷留言说不敢相信有这种事发生.

这会不会是一辆假扮的警车呢, 还是真有这么无良的公务员? 本杂志记者正试图联络当地交警大队, 希望取得真实信息.


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