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As the new academic year begins, our fashion editors have been touring up and down the country speaking to Chinese students about the latest trends for our new student fashion section.

In this new section which focuses on fashion for Chinese students, there will be features such as:

Style inspiration – We have a panel of ex Chinese students who work for high end fashion brands giving advice on how to dress for university, how to dress for parties, and how to make the most of your wardrobe for fun and games.

Fashion advice articles  As you immerse yourself in European culture and see with your own eyes what people wear on the streets, you will notice the difference in Asian and Western fashion styles. Our articles will discuss how best to make the most of the European styles to fit the Asian body.

Style stalker – Our team will tour the UK’s Chinese and East Asian parties to take photos and interview trendy students.

Special offers and discounts – Nee Hao will be working with fashion outlets to bring you exciting special offers and discounts from retail outlets and designer brands

Secret Sales

The launch of the student fashion section with 

To help us kickstart our student fashion section, we have consulted, the UK’s largest and fastest growing flash sales website for fashion, accessories, footwear and lifestyle products for some style inspiration. On their flash sales website, they launch new sales every day from hundreds of brands you know and trust. Every sale lasts for 4 days and has discounts of between 50% – 70% off, giving you what you want for less.

With many of you arriving in the UK for the very first time, it will take a short period of adjustment to attune to the new lifestyle and culture.

It can be quite daunting moving to a new country to study, leaving friends and family back home. But fear not, as once you settle in, you can begin your new student life with a focused approach, balancing work and play.

We spend a lot of time thinking about what items of clothing are appropriate to wear for studying or going out.

My advice is to pick clothes which represents you best. For example, the winter semester can be very cold, dark and rainy but we can get away with wearing bold and bright colours to compliment our skin tone and hair colour.

Xiao Xiao – Assistant Fashion Editor

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The reason why can offer amazing discounts on branded clothing and accessories is because they only place an order from their brands once you have made an order. This means it will typically take up to two weeks for your order to arrive. But with their products at such tempting prices, it’s really worth the wait.

Look out for the speedy 3-5 day delivery symbol on specific sales if you want your goodies sooner.

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Click on image to go to the Outlet

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