Christine Ni’s talk at The Graham Hunter Gallery


To accompany the Exhibition “Art//Tea”, The Graham Hunter Gallery presents Chinese culture expert Christine Ni, giving a short talk on the world’s most popular drink (after water). There will be a chance to sample teas from China’s top growing regions, and learn a little more about the history of tea and the tea trade.

 Having lived equally amongst Chinese and British cultures, Christine Ni is a translator, cultural commentator, and Chinese history expert.

Alongside translation and commentary, she deliver talks and panels at cultural festivals, schools, and conventions around the UK on Chinese traditional culture such as tea and classical literature, as well as the latest developments in Chinese pop culture, are tailored to the audience, ranging from brief introductions, to academic investigation.


The Graham Hunter Gallery provides modern and challenging contemporary art, by both established and emerging artists, bringing original Paintings, Artists posters and lithographic prints of real quality to the market, with the focus on delivering a work to impress and inspire.

 This event is free, but space may be limited.

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Neehao Large Advert 600 x 400 copy

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