CNY Fashion Show: Sponsor Messages

A big thank you to all of our fashion sponsors that provided clothing for our Chinese New Year Flagship event. Sponsor messages provided below.


Clea Broad-1

Clea Broad
Clea Broad is a designer and maker of bespoke fashion and costume accessories. She has a background in sculpture, costume design and high end floristry which contribute to her unique style. Driven by the desire to push boundaries and explore different notions of beauty, she often uses unorthodox materials in unusual ways to create theatrical and intricate pieces. Clients and collaborators include stylists, photographers, fine artists and musicians. She also takes personal commissions.

V V Design

V V Design

Despite having no background in professional design, self-entitled “glorified recycler” Veronika Valentine is an environmentally-conscious and ultimately creative artist with a visionary flair that is unmatched by her more-conventional peers. Taught to sew and make her own costumes by her mother, Veronika has since found “gems in others’ rubbish” and developed a passion for making the “discarded and unwanted into the usable, beautiful and desired again”.

Her inspirations are drawn from unusual places – even those perceived as “grotesque” by others – places as diverse from literature, poetry, music, art, Buddhism, comics, photography, and nature. Her headwear and accessories delightfully espouse a love of creation and intrigue.



COCHI got its inspiration from our London-based roots and our extended trips to the Far East. Originally making some cool clothes would have been enough for us, but after experiencing the cultures of Tokyo and Hong Kong, COCHI is now about making designs that are original and recognisable. As a brand we’re only just getting started so you can expect to see a lot more variety, but designs aside, we just want to keep enjoying what we’re doing and hope that you enjoy it with us.

PaYaHui-1Pa Ya Hui

Pa Ya Hui, a graduate from Middlesex University of Art and Design, is a Malaysian-Chinese fashion designer based in London. Indulging in musical, artist and historical sources of inspiration, she is a master in pattern-cutting and draping techniques.

She is continuously looking for possibilities in new visual languages in order to represent females in extraordinary ways through trying novel and challenging techniques and concepts. Hence, Pa’s designs are constantly exciting the viewer with fresh and unique imagery.

Yui Tai-1

Yui Tai

Yui Tai is a fashion Designer born and grew in Hong Kong. Her graduation show in Hong Kong brought out her design ethos, quality of materials with unconventional proportion, this 22 year-old girl created an unprecedented story of fashion by her own voice. In other words, she wants “to break the subconscious boundary of fashion” through her garments.

Creating garments with playful imagination to inspire people with individual thinking, while evoking resonance at the same time, Yui arduously challenged the volume of the natural human body structure and shapes, redefining Womenswear and expanding its possibility, aiming to build her own aesthetic theory. Yui Tai keeps being open minded and believes in adhering to innovative ideas will bring her own path in a fresh angle of contemporary to the fashion industry.



Beatrice Korlekie Newman aka KORLEKIE, is an afro-British designer whose collections stand for alluring elegance and glamour with a strong influence in traditional crafts. Her clothes have been seen worn on celebrities such as RITA ORA, ALESHA DIXON, ANNA FRIEL and ELLIE GOULDING amongst many other high profile clients. Her works have also appeared in numerous editorial and digital publications such as, Elle, Fault and Dazed Digital to name a few and a selection of her clothes can be purchased on NJAL.

Beatrice’s signature look consists of heavy embellishment, beading and intricate handiwork that is inspired by her Afro-British background/culture and takes inspiration from the beautiful beading and embroidery of African clothes and lace fabrics. Korlekie is also inspired by the regal heritage of monarchs such as the Tsars and illustrious work of Edmund Dulac in 1001 Arabian Nights, Harry Clarke and Arthur Rackham, to name a few, which by color and intricacies is always referenced in her work.

PR – [email protected] 0207 205 2217

Joanne TseJoanne Tse

Joanne Tse, born and raised in Bristol before moving to London to pursue her interest in fashion, studied a BA (Honours) in Fashion Design with Fashion Management at the University of East London. During her studies, she has completed buying and design internships at Jaeger London, The Collection Design Studio, Diesel & Suzie Turner Couture, refining her skills in creative pattern cutting, drape, garment construction and hand embroidery.

Joanne’s main strength is the ability to use her pattern cutting skills to design and create garments with interesting cutting lines that work well with the figure.

Glamorous-1 Glamorous

Want to be on trend? Styled with elegance? Have a wardrobe that fits perfectly with your personality? Look no further than Glamorous. Inspired by high fashion, contemporary night culture and vintage; with fabrics sourced from across the globe, Glamorous will have a design to suit any mood or occasion! Glamorous has grown to be much adored by fashion fans and celebs alike; because of course, every woman wants to look Glamorous in her own little way!

2013 is set to bring us exciting new trends. Contrasting shapes and interesting prints were featured heavily on the spring/summer catwalks and you can guarantee Glamorous will have its fair share of these much awaited styles. Look out for quirky shapes contrasted with classic styles, amazing metallics, geometric prints and ‘hyper shapes’. Prepare to be bombarded with an array of trends to tend to the individual, the fashionista or glamour puss!


Thanks to our Makeup, Styling and Hair Team for Nee Hao Magazine’s Chinese New Year Event in Leicester Square, London.


Christianne Lucianne

Christianne Lucianne is a fashion stylist based between West Midlands and London. Graduated from the University of Huddersfield in June 2012, Christianne has gone on to being an assistant on award shows and music videos with international pop star and former X Factor judge Kelly Rowland. Over the years, Christianne has gained experience in a variety of areas of fashion industry, including celebrity, editorial, catwalk shows and media production. Her work has been published in Vogue Italia and fashion film network.


NaomiNaomi Benjamin

Naomi is an aspiring young make up artist. She honed her craft in York studying Media Make Up for two years. Now based in London, she works freelance across the country.

Her work ranges from her collaboration with York hat designer Dawn Guibert by providing complementary tones to her Rock Me Rocco line and elegant designs for her classic Silver Screen collection. She has worked for Kabult magazine, utilizing dark but beautiful make up for their editorial of couture designer Zaid Ghanem’s stunning Shanghai-express collection.

Currently Naomi is demonstrating her skill by creating the make up for Naked Cosmetic’s 2013 catalogue for their colour collections. These consist of 19 collections with 6 individual colours in each. She finds it a challenge and an honour to work with such beautiful products. She recently completed the Cotton Candy Collection.



Julie Wieczorek has been a makeup artist for over 15 years now and is passionate about her job. She works between Cornwall and London and other areas of the country mainly in bridal, fashion, editorial and pageant make up artistry.

She has worked for names such as Keune, Pirate FM, Miss England, Cornish Brides, Wed magazine and other publications and is personal make up artist to models and photographers.

Julie is also the co-founder of the mineral cosmetic company ‘Angel Face’ where she heads up the Training and Marketing of the Company.



Jodie Hanson is a hairstylist and make up artist working within Cornwall and is very well known for her quality bridal service as well as fashion and editorial work. Jodie has carried out her good work for Cornish Brides, Wed magazine, Miss London finals and also the famous photographer Amberly Valentine. Jodie is also one of the leading make up artists for Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics.

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