Controversial band accused of making the most racist music video ever

Screenshot of the music video
Screenshot of the music video

By Richard Sze

An American rock band called Day Above Ground has caused offence and controversy in the release of their latest music video entitled Asian Girlz. Netizens around the world and social network communities have condemned and accused the band for being racist, some going as far as to say it’s the most racist video ever made. 

With lyrics such as ‘ I love your creamy yellow thighs, ooh your slanted eyes’ and ‘come and sit on my lap or we’ll send you back’, the accusations are not without merit.

The band has defended the video with a statement saying ‘We appreciate all the criticism and support. Our song “Asian Girlz” was not written with any malicious, hateful, or hurtful intent. We know it is racy and does push the boundaries further than other songs out there. Understand that we do not promote or support racism or violence. We love everyone no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation. Please respect our decision to delete any violent, insensitive, or hurtful comment and also one that supports racism. We hope that we can continue with our lives with much love and peace’.

What do you think? Here is the video and the lyrics posted in full.

I love your sticky rice
Butt fucking all night
Korean barbecue
Bitch I love you
I love your creamy yellow thighs
Ooh your slanted eyes
It’s the Year of the Dragon
Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’

Asian girl, You’re’s my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl (x8)

Superstitious feng shui shit (what)
Now lay your hair by the toilet
I’ve got your green tea boba
So put your head on my shoulder
Your momma’s so pretty
Best nails in the city
Pushing your daddy’s Mercedes

Asian girl, She’s my Asian girl
You’re my Asian girl (x8)

New Year’s in February (February?)
That’s fine with me (I guess)
Yeah, shark soup (What? Fuck it, we’ll eat it)
Oh, tradition, tradition, tradition, yeah yeah
Baby, you’re my Asian girl
You’re legally (best kind)
So baby marry me
Come on sit on my lap (right here baby)
Or we’ll send you back
And you age so well
I can barely tell
17 or 23?
Baby doesn’t matter to me

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