Cooking tips for Students by Wok The Fok

Now that the students are settling back into their digs, Nee Hao Magazine will be giving some hints and tips with a series of articles on how to make the most of student life for the 100,000 Chinese students studying at universities across the UK. 

We have consulted a number of top academics and university staff to give you a low down on the most effective way to get your degree, and also various presidents of societies will be talking to us about your university, giving you an in-depth knowledge and useful inside information.

The goal of university is to get an award and attend a graduation ceremony such as this one, not a liver transplant.

Cooking advice 

From a survey done, many new university students would like more advice on cooking tips and there are some who have never cooked before in their lives. So we have asked our media friends from across the pond ‘WOK THE FOK’ to give some guidance on this matter, and what better way to start than by cooking some simple instant Nissin noodles, less than 50p a packet.

Click here for last year’s article about Nottingham when we interviewed the then president of the Chinese society 

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