Designing Qipaos fit for the twenty first century

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Qipao dresses are steeped in tradition and history in the Chinese culture, often worn on family gatherings and special occasions by all generations. The new luxury brand Fleur de Chine is leading the way and designing qipaos fit for the twenty-first century. They are creating exclusive qipao dresses in unsurpassable quality, setting the standard for contemporary tailoring and womenswear.  

Fleur de Chine is revitalising the qipao and reinterpreting it for the present by pushing the boundaries of the traditional qipaos through design, modern European fabrics and cut. Using the finest materials, selectively sourced fabrics from the best textile mills around the world, particularly in Europe, often in Italy and France, they provide fabrics that define true luxury. It’s a refreshing break from the uninspiring and out-dated cliché of dragons or flowers on silk print. 

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Today’s luxury marketplace is run by multi-billion dollar global corporations, where manufacturing is outsourced to large factories, products have become increasingly interchangeable. Where’s the individuality? Is that luxury? Gone are the days of handcrafted goods, especially goods that are denoted in history and tradition.

Each qipao is individually tailored by hand at Fleur de Chine by their skilled artisans with bespoke and specific measurements. Each one is unique.

A spokesman for the company said: “We believe that each dress should reveal something of the character of its owner. We give clients the creative freedom to design their very own qipao and create a unique piece that fits perfectly.    

Luxury isn’t simply a product, it’s a lifestyle and therefore it should reveal something of the character of its owner. The unique combination of exquisite modern fabrics and antique craftsmanship make our dresses look fabulous and timeless for any figure, age and occasion.”

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