Enoch Cheng returns – Connecting UK with Chinese contemporary culture

Contemporary film artist Enoch Cheng returns to Manchester to begin filming his latest work which explores memory and mythology in Manchester. On Thursday 17 December Enoch will be presenting a preview of his new work through an installation accompanied by a short performance at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA). The Open Studio coincides with Soup Collective’s 15th anniversary exhibition launch at CFCCA on the same night.

Enoch Cheng is an artist, writer and self-taught film director. He received his MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, London and before moving to London he worked as Programme Manager at Asia Art Archive. His practice involves moving image, theatre and performance. In 2015 Enoch had his Hong Kong screening debut with Operation Pina4 commissioned by the Fresh Wave programme funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Enoch’s relationship with CFCCA goes back to his time interning for the organisation during its days as Chinese Arts Centre. Since then he has maintained a strong relationship with Manchester, describing it as a place he can rest and listen.

Curator Ying Tan says:

“ Residencies are such an important part of CFCCA’s work connecting UK audiences with Chinese contemporary culture. To have an artist like Enoch living here and responding to Manchester, creating new work, is really exciting. It is a pleasure to welcome Enoch back to his second home.”

Enoch’s latest work, Funny Water: Last Time at Mancunia is inspired by both Greek and biblical legends as well as Manchester’s own historical legends ranging from the Industrial Revolution to the days of the Hacienda, and the conversations he has had with people he has met in Manchester. Playing with ideas of memory, sensation and narrative, his film invokes echoes of artists such as Stanley Kubrick, Virginia Woolf and Alan Resnais.

His open studio will feature multiple projections of his film in an installation, preceded by a personal invitation into his studio in which audiences will be given a bowl of soup and treated to a short performance which speaks of histories and mythologies.


George's Kitchen - Queen Street, Nottingham
George’s Kitchen – Queen Street, Nottingham

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