Event London: What shapes LGBTQ+ identities in 2017 China?

What shapes LGBTQ+ identities in 2017 China? Dr Trude Sundberg will share her first-hand experience of building an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ groups in China.

As co-founder of Q-Space, a Beijing-based centre designed to promote inclusiveness, Dr Sundberg will describe both her involvement in creating the centre and the social and political challenges she has seen for LGBTQ+ communities in China.  This talk is also the second event of the newly launched Elements Programme, which is dedicated to China specific topics and debates.

About Q-Space
‘我们 can do it!’ is a clever Chinese adaptation of the well-known feminist slogan ‘Women can do it’. The Chinese phonetics of ‘我们’ (‘wŏmen’) translates as “we” and this slogan has been the motto for Q-Space, an LGBTQ+ centre in Beijing that presents itself as a “maker space”, one that goes beyond simple idea exchanges. Q-Space collaborates with artists, academics and makers to impart skills that better lives and broaden minds.

About the speaker
Dr Trude Sundberg is Lecturer of Social Policy at the University of Kent. She is also the Joint Coordinator of the university’s Q-Step Centre, a research centre which aims to combine innovative teaching and applied social sciences. Sundberg has been researching attitudes in relation to vulnerable groups and the legitimacy of welfare systems in Europe, North America and Australia. She is currently researching attitudes, perceptions and values towards social policies and judgement of the “deservingness” of needy groups in China as part of a British Academy funded research project.

With special thanks to Dr Joy Y. Zhang, Senior Lecturer in Sociology from Kent University. 

March 2 2017, China Exchange, Gerrard Street, London
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