Feng Shui in Your Bedroom


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Feng Sui, the Chinese philosophical system, is undertaken with the aim of complete harmonisation between individuals and their surrounding environment. Such practices are based upon the idea of good and bad energies, and as such promote a flow of calm, nourishing and beneficial energies around the home and the individual. In order for your boudoir to align itself with the precepts and tenets of feng shui, it must appear inviting, calming and awakening; a true hideaway from the hustle and bustle of outside.

The most important first step when it comes to applying feng shui to your bedroom is to remove all electrical equipment such as laptops, televisions, games consoles and the like, as the energies given off by these items will interdict the natural energies that need to be promoted. This goes for any equipment or items that are very much based in the world of work; exercise equipment, filing cabinets, desks; the bedroom should be purely concerned with rest, relaxation and renewal.

The bed should be the focus of your efforts. As the centre of healing and revitalisation, it must be well balanced, with symmetrical adornments, flanked by two bedside tables; each of these could perhaps reflect the feminine and masculine energies of the bed’s inhabitants; and must not be in direct line with the door as this will interrupt harmonious flows of energy. A bed crafted out of natural materials is key as natural energies will flow forth, benefitting you in your sleep. Such beds aren’t difficult to find, and are relatively inexpensive; online deals are one’s best bet, as sites such as bedstar regularly have sales.

Opening windows and letting air flow freely through your room will boost the levels of oxygen in the bedroom and make the air generally a lot fresher. Feng sui is hindered if the air in a room is stuffy, full of dust or has latent pollutants suspended within it, so if you’re unable to open a window, an air purifier can also work as well. Don’t be tempted to compensate for the lack of air by filling your room with plants though; this is only positive, feng sui-wise, if your room is very large and the plants are located across the room from the bed.

Finally, light. Light nourishes and gives life, as a result being one of the strongest ways in which energy can be imparted into the room. The trick here is to avoid blinding, artificial sources of light; unscented, natural candles, located around the room in order to impart a contrast between different areas and levels of the room. If candles aren’t an option though, a dimmer switch works just as well.

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