Five Noodle Tips from Royal China Group

National Noodle Month (March 2018) celebrates all of the different methods and flavours of noodles that are enjoyed around the world.

Originating in China over 2000 years ago, noodles are a staple to Chinese cooking and prepared in the right way can make for a simple yet hearty dinner.

Below, the chefs at Royal China Group reveal their top tips for how to best prepare and enjoy noodles at home.

Oodles of noodles

There are a large variety of different types of noodles and it is important that you pick the right one for the dish that you are making. Vermicelli rice noodles are very thin and are often stir-fried to form the base of the popular dish, Singapore noodles. In contrast, udon are thick and are often used in soups. If you are making a simple stir-fry then egg noodles or medium wheat noodles would work best.

Boil it right

If you intend on boiling your noodles it is important to make sure the water has fully come to the boil before adding the noodles, otherwise they will become mushy. Cook them according to the instructions on the packet, but like pasta the noodles should have a bit of bite to them when they are cooked.

Hot wok

Stir-fried noodles should be cooked in a wok quickly at a high heat. When cooking at a high heat it is necessary to pick an oil with a high smoke point such as sunflower oil, corn oil and sesame oil. The latter adds a great nutty flavour to both the noodles and accompanying meat, seafood and vegetables.

Fresh ingredients

Crunchy vegetables, such as pak choi, beansprouts, spring onion and mangetout, will add some great texture to your noodles. Using fresh garlic, chilli and ginger will give your stir-fry a punchy, aromatic flavour.

Source the sauce

A well-stocked cupboard can be all you need to make a delicious sauce to accompany your noodles. Be creative with different combinations, but soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, crunchy peanut butter, garlic and chilli will make a great satay sauce. If your sauce is looking a little thin, then add some cornflour dissolved in water to thicken.

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