Forgotten Heroes: British and French armies recruit 140,000 Chinese during First World War

100 years ago, the British and French armies recruited 140,000 Chinese men to work behind the Western Front during the First World War. They were the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) who made a vital contribution to help the Allies win, but have since become “the forgotten of the forgotten” in WW1 history.

Chinese Arts Space (CAS) presents Project New Earth as part of the commemorations for WW1, celebrating the CLC’s memory within the context of British Chinese communities in the UK today.

Commissioned artists create four short works: two evocative music-dance films, an exciting live contemporary dance and a moving music drama.



Chinese Arts Space will host the Project New Earth preview on Thurs 8 Sept at 7.30pm at China Exchange.

China Exchange
32A Gerrard Street
W1D 6JA London
United Kingdom


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