Geoffrey Yeung’s Road Trip to Dartmoor

Trekking the meanders

Earlier in the month, we caught up with Geoffrey Yeung, who showed us how a UK ROAD TRIP can be adventurous, relaxing, scenic and simply make you feel like you are on a completely different continent.

Quick Facts:

Name: Geoffrey Yeung

Age: 29

Profession: UK Immigration Lawyer

Role: Director at Duncan Lewis Solicitors

Drives: Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

The Road Trip: From London to Dartmoor

Total time on the road: Twenty hours over four days

Party size: Six

Photographer: Yuefeng Cui (



A few weeks ago, I remember sitting on my cushy leather sofa at home, in a pretty relaxed and leisurely reclined positon. It was a Thursday night and I had just returned from a long day in the office. My feet were up, I had a glass of orange juice in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Browsing through the channels, I happened to gaze upon my wall-mounted clock and watched as the minute hand turned midnight – it was Good Friday and I realised I had a long weekend ahead of me. I sighed a deep sigh of relief.

A few days later, the same person but seemingly unmoved, unshaven and very much disconnected from reality, looked up again at the ticking clock as the last few seconds of Easter Monday slowly passed by. I thought to myself, “Where did my four day weekend just go?”

If you believe in Carpe Diem, this was not it.

No, this was quite the opposite and I had one of those moments in life, which you encounter from time-to-time where you make a mental note to yourself, but this time, the note remains deeply inscribed within your most innermost consciousness – stop wasting time.

That week, I realised in less than a month, the first of the two May Bank Holidays would be upon us and I wanted to do something YOLO.

Preparing a good meal at Rydon Farm – converted Barn Home

I had met a couple of new faces during my French ski trip in February and after making contact with them, we gathered together a group of six interesting individuals. Our backgrounds ranged from lawyers, to accountants, to stock brokers to PhD students, to fashion business owners…we really had assembled a vibrant and exciting crowd. 

At that point, we had set into motion a truly epic plan for the upcoming Bank Holiday. It consisted of driving past rolling hills and wetland moors, climbing one of the highest waterfalls in England, dining at a Michelin star restaurant, sampling local delicacies, living in a luxury converted barn house, enjoying afternoon tea and breathing in the fresh sea breeze.

Words cannot fully describe all the senses that were truly tingled by this journey, but I hope this little collage of memories which I have gathered will give you a taster of what lies beyond some of life’s unexplored and unusual adventures.





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