Golden Words of Wisdom or just Shit Chinese Dads Say? 父亲语录

Today’s Father’s Day, so to honour this special occasion it’s time to give the old man at home a pat on the back for all the hard work he’s put into providing for and educating you on the meaning of life. Chinese parents are far from the average parents we see growing up in the Western hemisphere. They are not necessarily touchy freely, have very HIGH expectations, can be critical, sometimes even down right blunt and embarrassing. But surely, with 5000 years of Chinese civilisation, do Chinese Dads have a lot of wisdom on offer to the next generation? 

By Alison Hung – Features Editor alt

Well, the answer to that question can be summed up with the old Cantonese saying: “A spoon full of sugar, a spoon full of shit.”. The mixture of wisdom and embarrassment often finds us lost for words on one hand, but on the other, it enriches our lives  in many aspects.


Golden Words of Wisdom – A list of inspiring words from Chinese Dads. 


“Don’t worry about the future. Nature will take its own course”


“Every leaf is provided with a droplet of dew. Born out of nature, raised by nature” 


Alison Hung’s Dad (H.K)

 “Always there for you” 


 “No matter how bad the storm is out there, whether you succeed or not, Dad will always be your shelter bay”


 Sarah Wu’s Dad, (Chengdu)

“Son, the reason I named you “xxxx He” is because I want you to live life as awesome as your name”

” You are you, you are the best, don’t ever care about the insults and skepticism from the dull, shameless and retarded” 


F.T. He’s Dad (Beijing)

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Shit Chinese Dads Say – A list of embarrassing quotes from Chinese Dads on different subject matters. 

爸爸废话语录。- 一连串关于不同话题的雷人语录

On having too much sex. (And Dad wasn’t using the proverb on perseverance.)


 “Son, don’t go out with too many girls,  even an iron rod can be churned into a needle.”


Kobe Chiu’s Dad, (H.K)

Never a high score high enough. 没有高分,只有更高分。

 Kid: “Dad, I got 98 on my exam.” 

Dad: “Where did the other 2 go?” 

“孩子: “爸,我考试98分”

“爸爸: “其余两分呢?”

 Anonymous’ Dad, (ON.CA)

You can never make Dad do the dishes. 叫爸爸刷碗,是不可能的任务。

Mom: ” In order to recognise the effort I put into making dinner tonight, you have to do the dishes.” 

Dad: “How could you ask me to recognise this sort of cooking?”


爸爸:“饭做成这样, 你还好意思的?”

 Alex Ho’s Dad, (Guangzhou)

 You are not buying that with my money. 别花我的钱买你的东西。

Kid: “Dad, can I have some money for xxx .” 

Dad: “What if one day you ask me to give you money to buy a rocket? Do I have to pay for that too?! Use your own money!”       

孩子:“爸,可以给我些钱去买 xxx”


Anonymous’ Dad, (Macao) 

Chinese Dads’ so called encouragement. 中国人爸爸所谓的鼓励。

Kid just finished taking first skating lessons. 

Dad flicks on TV and points to 1998 Olympic medalist figure skater Michelle Kwan (Who just HAPPENS to be on TV): “See! Now, THAT’s skating! “



Anonymous’ Dad, (BC.CA)

We are sure the above is just the tip of the iceberg of all those classics that Dads have put forward during our upbringing. Now keep them coming in the comments! Share with us, WHAT ridiculous or inspiring words your Dad has said.


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!



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