Gong Linna (龚丽娜) performs in London for the BT River of Music Concert – 21/22 July 2012

Chinese singing sensation Gong Linna (龚丽娜) brings an elegance and style to the Asia stage for BT River of Music at Battersea Park, a once-in-a-lifetime weekend of free music at landmarks along the River Thames, the weekend before the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. 

Mixing the opulent music tradition of her country with modern western harmonies, Linna creates a contemporary Chinese art music full of innovation and prowess. With spellbinding vocals and the ability to “dig deep into the human soul” is it unsurprising that Gong Linna is a pioneer in her native homeland.

Gong Linna at the BT River of Music Concert 21st -22nd July 2012 London 

Together with master composer Lao Luo, Gong Linna is creating a sensational new Chinese art music that is wowing her native homeland. An arena artist in China, who strays from the predictable Chinese pop culture, Linna is creating work full of innovation and prowess. Mixing the opulent music tradition of her country with modern western harmonies and her charismatic stage presence, Linna produces results that are spellbinding, heartfelt and emotionally strong. Touching on her experiences in classical Qin-songs, folk, classical chamber music and pop, Linna is continually discovering the many possibilities of her own voice.

Jason Leung of Hong Kong and erhu (Chinese two-string fiddle) player Wang Tzu-Wen will join Gong Linna and her band on the Asia stage.

Chinese music sensation Gong Linna – Photo by Zhang Liang

Born 1975 in Guiyang, Guizhou province (located in the South-West of China), Gong Linna first appeared on stage at the age of five. Since her early childhood she knew that she wanted to become a professional singer and so she began at the age of 16 her studies at the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing. From 1999 to 2005 she was soloist at the Zhongyang Minzu Yuetuan, China’s most renowned traditional music orchestra. In addition to many other awards, she won the Chinese National Singing Competition in 2000 as best female singer, including the Special Audience Award. In China, Linna is a well-known capacity in the so called Minzu-Changfa; she has been performing as soloist with all major Chinese orchestras. With additional studies in classical Qin-songs, field-research on folk-song-techniques and musical experiments and productions in various styles from classical chamber music to pop, Linna consequently expanded her singing techniques. Today she is one of the most outstanding Chinese vocalists, showing an impressive ability to transform traditional vocal sounds into a contemporary art-form.

The organisers welcomes the British Chinese community to come for this free event

Abundant in emotion and fabulous in rhythm, Gong Linna’s music has got all the essentials.

People’s Daily, China

Photo Xiao Quan

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