Herbal Inn’s Top 5 Foods for Detoxing and Weight Management

Face it… it’s tough to lead a healthy lifestyle these days. We’re constantly sedentary in our offices, or we can’t find time to hit the gym (or worse, we’re just lazy!). Don’t even mention how difficult it is to resist the occasional cheesecake, chocolate bar or packet of crisps. Yet what we don’t realise in our immediacy is how easy it is to let ourselves go, leading to higher risk of disease in the future.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) has been used for centuries to deal with obesity, which was actually first mentioned in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic of Medicine. Herbal Inn, which has been serving Great Britain since 1989 with TCM, brings you some top ingredients for those looking to detox, or maybe lose some weight, so that you can ensure you maintain your body and even gain other health benefits, such as improved skin texture and higher energy levels.

1 – Papaya


Low in calories and high in vitamins, papaya is perfect for a healthy weight-loss plan. Easily digestible, it contains papain, called by Tufts Medical Centre “one of nature’s own digestive aids”, which can help digest protein.

HI-PapayaTeaTry out the Ming Imperial Papaya Tea to get the most out of your meal without the guilt.

2 – Lotus Leaf


Research that was conducted in Japan has shown that lotus leaf can be associated with a slowing down of the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, and even an increase in metabolism. Containing phytochemicals, alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins, lotus leaves are rich in antioxidants and a great addition to any diet.

HI-LotusLeafTeaGet some lotus leaf into your eating regimen with our Ming Imperial Model Lily, Lotus Leaf or Lotus Leaf and Cassia Seed Teas.

3 – Blue Green Algae


A super food, blue green algae is comprised of 70% vegetable protein.  With over 65 vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it also has a higher concentration of beta-carotene than broccoli.

4 – Pseudo-Ginseng


Traditionally used to lower cholesterol levels, pseudo-ginseng has also been associated with pain relief and used by those with chest problems and angina

HI-Pseudo-GinsengANDPollenTry the signature Pseudo-Ginseng and Pollen Capsules to get your body back on track.

5 – Hawthorn Berry


Hawthorn Berry has been associated with lowering water retention, which otherwise would contribute to what people call the “puffy” sort of weight.


Feel lighter and try the Hawthorn and Green Tea.


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