Hero Cat saves Child from Dog Attack 猫勇救小男孩

Epic video of a brave cat saved a boy that was being attacked by a dog.

The caption reads, “My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!”

Editor’s note: The video ends with images of the boy’s injuries. Viewer discretion advised.

谁说喵星人都是自私的?这回就有勇敢猫咪救自家主人孩子的英雄故事。从视频片段可以看到,一只邻家狗从车背后突然出现,袭击正在门前玩耍的小男孩。说时迟那时快,一只体型比搞袭击的狗要小一倍的猫勇敢冲出,扑到狗身上,狗见形势不敌,放弃撕咬小男孩并落荒而逃。此时猫依然不罢休, 狂追狗直至狗跑远,眼见危险消除后,猫才折返回家。

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