Is this the most stylish Mainland Chinese guy in Cardiff?

Nee Hao’s fashion correspondent Isabel Chong has been touring parts of the UK to find stylish people within the British Chinese /East Asian community to talk about fashion and trends. Last week she went to Cardiff, and met Don Tsang, who was brought to her attention via the local grapevine, for being a stylishly dressed man. 


Don Tsang is from a small city called Meizhou in the Guangdong province. He is currently studying Marketing at the University of Cardiff. Isabel asks him a few questions regarding fashion.

Where do you get clothes from? 

Usually the brand stores online and in london

Where does your inspiration for your dress sense come from? 

Basically this is what I am interested in and have a passion for, if you ask me why I like clothing or fashion, I don’t actually know the answer. But my inspiration comes from people I meet and places I visit for sure. Different cities in the UK and China, endless ways to be inspired.


It’s already been a big part of my life, to track the latest fashion items and trends, not saying I can necessarily afford it, but I still like to know what is happening out there.

What do your friends think of your dress sense?

I would say most of them appreciate it and think it’s fantastic, some of my friends don’t like my dress style, but that’s absolutely fine with me, I think. alt

How often do you buy clothes? 

It depends, if there’s any items that attract me. The brand webs or fashion webs will inform me when they get new stock arrivals.

Do you think that dressing nicely makes it easier to attract girls? 

Hah, I don’t think so actually. But it will attract someone who’s interested in fashion as well. However in general, I think we all appreciate nice clothes on ourselves and others.

What is the most expensive item you have in your wardrobe? 

It’s a bag from an Italian brand

What is your favourite item of clothing? 

There is a glass from Tom Ford I like mostly. A very very vintage fashion like 60s glass

What is your favourite colour? 

There is no one favourite colour for me, the group of black checked, white are really nice colours.

When will you next buy some clothes? 

Depends on when the next awesome item will appear to me. It could be in a few minutes time or it could be ages.

Do you shop in Cardiff? 

Some things are good and some has its limits.

Next week on Wednesday 30th May, Isabel Chong will be at the, Birmingham (outside Debenhams) shopping centre from 12 to 3pm. She will be interviewing members of the community about fashion. If you are interested in this topic or would like to be interviewed please email-  [email protected]


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