Jade Dragon: A very British comedy set in a Chinese takeaway

Jade Dragon is a very British comedy set in a Chinese takeaway, with a cast of British East Asian actors led by a grumpy takeaway owner.

The Chinese Takeaway is the natural habitat of the Chinese Person, and the TV crew documenting the quotidian comings and goings at Jade Dragon is looking forward to encountering some typical members of the model minority. Imagine their dismay when the staff of Jade Dragon turn out to be as English as a yorkie pud.




Writer Rebecca Boey said: “Jade Dragon is a 19-episode mockumentary web series that we are hoping will open eyes up to the casual stereotyping and subtle racism we endure every day as East Asians, but in a light-hearted and non-confrontational way. The tone is non-judgmental, with the intention that viewers make the judgment for themselves.”

“As an actor of East Asian heritage I am very aware of the lack of representation of people of my ethnicity on UK screens and stages. We are barely there, and when we are, we usually play foreigners with cod-Chinese accents, more often than not working in Chinese takeaways. I wanted to raise a wry eyebrow at this by setting the web series in a takeaway but having characters with regional English accents and incredibly English sensibilities – we are English too! In light of the ludicrous ‘yellowface’ at the Print Room in Notting Hill this January, the need for us to be seen and accepted as English as well as ‘yellow’ has never felt so urgent. Our dream is that Jade Dragon gets a cult following (got to think big!), as we believe it could be a very positive thing for East Asians in the UK.”

The series will be launching online on 27 February 2017

Jade Dragon – Trailer

Not long now! Here’s a little trailer to whet your appetite. Think of it as prawn crackers.

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