Joelson opens new doors into China

One of London’s leading law firms Joelson has spent the last month forging new ties with businesses in China, as it continues to see growing interest in its legal services from South East Asia.

Joelson began its month of international relations with China by attending the Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 at Grosvenor House in London as a guest of London & Partners – the official promotional company for London.

Sheldon Cordell, Joelson’s Chairman, attended this event early in June on behalf of the firm, where he listened to enlightening talks from the likes of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and met with businesses trying to enter the UK market.

Joelson has also hosted two Chinese business delegations as part of their association with London & Partners, which saw the firm’s team discuss a range of topics, including immigration, construction and healthcare, with Chinese business leaders.

Speaking after the events, Sheldon said: “We continue to see a growing interest in our legal services from across China – and the UK as a whole, despite Brexit, seems to be of growing interest to South East Asia at the moment.

“We are delighted to be working so closely with London & Partners and the China Britain Business Council to encourage more businesses to come to the UK, and London in particular.

“I hope the strong bonds we have recently forged in China will encourage businesses to invest in the UK market in future.

The firm, which offers a range of personal and commercial services to its clients, has also recently signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding with one of South East China’s top legal firms, Zhongfa Sichuan, which is based in the centre of Chengdu.

Following meetings last year, the two firms have agreed to the memorandum, which will focus on sharing their expertise on the UK and Chinese jurisdictions to help their clients access the legal advice they require in both countries, in particular assistance with Intellectual Property (IP).

“We are delighted to be working with Zhongfa and this memorandum helps us establish a strong link with the firm and the Sichuan region of China within which it operates,” said a spokesperson on behalf of Joelson.

“They are one of China’s leading experts in the field of IP, among many other areas of law, and I am certain our new link will prove beneficial to both of our clients.”

Joelson has a long association of working with firms in China and earlier this year spoke at an international event focusing on European trading issues, hosted by one of China’s largest law firms Grandall, in Madrid.

About Joelson

Joelson was founded in 1956 and its goal then remains unchanged today – to provide first class, proactive, partner-led legal advice with a specialist and in-depth understanding of the relevant business sector. Joelson assists corporates, entrepreneurs, management teams and senior executives with a wide range of issues from its offices in central London at 30 Portland Place and in the City.


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