KOJAWAN: the new 21st century Izakaya in London


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KJW 'ArtsWars'

Conceived, designed and curated by London-based artist and designer Henry Chebaane, this bar, dining and art space is inspired by the vibrant cultural, artistic and culinary cross-pollination taking place between the capitals of East Asia.

Chebaane, a long-time fan of East Asia, has layered the spectacular interiors of KOJAWAN into a retro-futuristic cosmopolitan stage : mixing European modern design with the bold graphic worlds of China, Japan and Korean metropolises.

The vibrant restaurant is conceived as a deliberate hybrid of genres, showing urban Asia like never before: parts science fiction film set, real-life KPop video and hip art gallery with an installation of over 50 pop art pieces, several by modern Chinese artists from L.A. to Singapore.

KJW Bars

KJW Dining 3

Breaking every possible rule about what Asian dining should look and feel like, turning design story-telling on its head while being steeped in references to popular art and virtual iconography – this destination does not seem “authentic” according to average Western expectations, yet it is filled with a multitude of genuine detail. The interior space experience conveys “real virtuality”: where the imaginary realm of digital culture is made into real and tangible sensations.

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