Lawyer named president of US-China trade alliance London chapter

Nigel Rowley, managing partner of London and Surrey lawyers Mackrell Turner Garrett has been named the president of the London Chapter of the US China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (USCGITA).

USCGITA was established as a means to develop investment and commerce between the US, China, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as promoting business partnerships among members in those countries.

The move follows Nigel’s recent visit to the China Free Trade Zone (FTZ) conference held by the USCGITA in Shanghai. The FTZ covers an area of 29 square kilometres and was created in order to implement various economic reforms and to attract more foreign investment in China.

As president of the London Chapter, Nigel will seek to develop business opportunities between the UK and China through his many contacts in the corporate and commercial sectors.

Nigel has extensive experience in cross-border disputes and multi-jurisdictional litigation and is an international committee member for EMEA on Mackrell International (MI), the independent network of 90+ law firms around the world and Chairman of the Membership Committee for MI.

Nigel’s view is that with China having significantly opened its doors to international trade, now is the perfect time for UK companies to invest in the country.

He said: “The implementation of the Free Trade Zone and a more liberal attitude to economic development and trade has significantly opened the doors to international investment.

“Prior to the implementation of the FTZ and economic liberalisation, there were numerous legal hurdles that corporate clients had to jump through in order to invest in the country, while there were various ‘no go zones.’

“However it is clear that the Chinese administration is now taking refreshing and proactive steps to make the country more accessible to UK investment.

“As President of the London Chapter it will be my role to help facilitate trade and investment between the UK, the US and China, utilising my extensive multi-jurisdictional expertise and contacts throughout the world via the Mackrell International network of lawyers.”

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