London’s Chinese Mental Health Association wants runners for 10K Race

Runners and joggers of all abilities and experiences are encouraged to take part in this year’s British 10K London Run, 14th July 2013, in order to raise funds for the Chinese Mental Health Association. The route will pass many iconic Central London locations and will be a rewarding fitness challenge, as well as an opportunity to give back to the community by highlighting an often overlooked problem and raising money for a worthwhile cause.


Chinese Mental Health Association

CMHA now provide a diverse range of services with the aim of serving Chinese people who suffer from mental health related issues and problems. They provide support for their carers whom may not be familiar with all the nuances of traditional Chinese culture.  As different people have a variety of needs, their services cater to all ages and social – economic demographics, this includes young children and teenagers, to adults and older people.

CMHA recognise that mental health specialist work requires high levels of expertise. Its management committee, staff team and medical advisor, collectively have a wealth of expertise in black and ethnic mental health issues. They of course, are very familiar with Chinese mental health issues given their specialist background and training.

A majority of the work is documented by both the Chinese and mainstream media in the form of news / magazine articles, and television documentaries. CMHA hope to alleviate the stigmas and prejudices which still surround Chinese mental health issues. Through exposure and training, more people are gaining a greater deal of knowledge on the matter and their views are slowly changing for the better.

CMHA are here to offer a shoulder of support to all those in need.






For more information and to express your interest, please contact Wei or John : [email protected] or by calling 02076131008.

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