Love and Dream of Koshu at Frameless Gallery


Japanese calligraphy is one of the most ancient and popular forms of fine art in Japan. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing to look at it also possesses charged philosophical meaning and instigates a form of higher contemplation.

During the process of mark making nothing is left to chance. The beginning, the direction, the form and the ending of lines are equally important and the balance between elements and the empty space on the paper is permanently challenged and perfected by calligraphy masters throughout their career. Some of the best examples of this ancient art are highly praised for their harmony and elegance of line, peacefulness, aesthetic pleasure and the thousand-year wisdom they convey.

Koshu blends East and West values to produce some of the most exciting Japanese Art in her field. She is named deshi (honoured student) of Master Seizan Fujimoto, who was a named student of the famous master, Kakudo Arita, who was a named student the legendary famous master, Kaikaku Niwa, following the historically well known Calligrapher of Meiji period, Meikaku Kusakabe.

It is very rare indeed to see such a talented artist with such a renowned lineage in Japanese Calligraphy exhibiting in London.


Frameless Gallery presents the wonderful artworks of Koshu (Akemi Lucas) in the exhibition Love and Dream.


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