Mob of motorcyclists beats up young American Chinese father

Mob attack

A mob of motorcyclists chased down and beat up an American Chinese man driving a Range Rover in New York City in a bizarre and terrifying road rage incident on Sunday. His wife and 2 year old child were also in the car.

In the video below, posted by one of the bikers who had a Go Pro type of camera strapped to his helmet, it began when Alexian Lien, 33, inadvertently bumped into one of the motorcyclists who had deliberately slowed down on the highway near Manhattan (see video @26seconds).

Then the mob ganged up on the driver hurling abuse and tried to open the car to attack him (not apparent until later in the video). Lien fearing for the safety of his family, executed a swift escape by running over the motorbike which was in his way. The mob subsequently gave chase and tried to open the Range Rover’s door again (@5 minutes into the video).

The bikers finally caught up with the SUV (@6.20 seconds) as it got stuck in traffic. One biker used his helmet to smash the window of the car whilst others dragged him out and beat him up very badly.

Police are investigating the incident. 



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