Mulberry SS15 London Fashion Week Show Rooms

Mulberry’s SS15 channels the quaint, refined beauty of English gardens, but also encapsulates the edginess of the modern, practical woman. Nee Hao’s Fashion Team visited the Mulberry show rooms as part of London Fashion Week. We were pleasantly delighted by the brand’s array of dazzling patterns and innovative allusions to nature.

We’re loving these tantalising patterns on these gorgeous, floaty pieces. What the collection demonstrates is Mulberry’s commitment to wearable fashion.

In particular, pieces subtly mixed dainty and pretty with utilitarian aspects, i.e. making use of deep pockets and loose-fitting (albeit carefully structured) shapes. Mulberry understands that today’s women need versatility in their fashion choices to meet the demands of their lifestyles.

Mulberry commissioned talented artists to capture the mysterious beauty of the botanic world in creating stunning prints.

Celebrating London’s grand Kew Gardens, Mulberry’s newest collection has taken inspiration for its prints from plants such as delphinium, cornflower and cow parsley. The trellis is also transformed into eye-catching patterns, and these patterns are effectively used in decorating lace and leather items alike. Mulberry’s roots as a British brand are cleverly alluded to through the use of the natural wonders of its land of origin.

A confident and eye-catching trellis pattern is the key feature of this top.

Notable is how the new Mulberry SS15 bag collection has pieces that can be rearranged into different types of styles.

The same bag, worn two ways. It is possible to also shorten the strap.

Given the success of AW14’s Cara Bag, it is no surprise that Mulberry seeks to give the wearer greater choice in maximising their styling options. We’re in love with the trellis pattern on the SS15 bags, and that you can also opt for a cleaner, more classic look by flipping the main flap. You can also change the length of the strap by double looping it – there you have it, ladies, for the price of one luxury designer bag, you get four!

This blue is dazzling, elegant and stylish. The patterns are playful but sophisticated.

The rich colours of the collection are also apparent. Nature as a muse works perfectly for Mulberry, in achieving its mission to be a brand that is workable into every woman’s wardrobe. There are slick monochrome pieces, airy white dresses and shirts, and yet also more bold and colourful choices on display. SS15 brings a subtle, sophisticated elegance that mirrors the grace and charm of the British countryside.

Envious much? This deep, rich green, also shows Mulberry’s bold and playful side.

Photography by Nisa Yang and words by Yinsey Wang

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