Nee Hao Elites – Career and Entrepreneurship for Chinese Students Tour 2016

Have you ever thought of how to continue down your elite path after graduation?

You might be thinking of…

– Staying in the UK for work: being part of world-leading teams and enterprises

– Startups: be your own boss and a leader for others

– Life planning: preparing you for the life of your dreams

We’re here to help you all the way — be it to your workplace or to your life plan.


Danni Zhang — Senior accountant, PwC

Stella Wang — Founder of Link Elites

Tomas Svitoka — TS coaching life coach

Danni Zhang is a leading graduate of Warwick University, got into PwC by working through the ranks after facing interview after interview. She will tell you how to apply for the Graduate Scheme and help you through that critical part — including the interviews and tests. She’s here to tell you how to get the offer everyone wants!

Stella Wang is the first-ever Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa holder as a graduate from University of Bristol. As the founder of LinkElites, she also worked as an intern in the United Nations and was prominently featured by China Daily. She will fully share her experience starting from zero and ending up with a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. Revealed will also be ideas for a powerful business plan, and how to apply for this exclusive visa, as well as how to avail yourself to free help from UK universities and to win venture capitalists over. Join her for this speech which is not to be missed!

Everyone wants to succeed, but in reality, not everyone is the same, and no two persons are the same. Popular life coach, Tomas Svitorka, will be here to help you find out who you really are, and how to make the best of yourself to create a life plan that is suited to nobody else but you.

Learn how to manage your time better and how to reach your goals better. Find out how even body language affects how you interact with your boss/job interviewer. Join us for these talks — and get an e-certificate. This will be a great addition to your CV and your personal achievements.

During the talks, we will also make available our official WeChat group chat, to help everyone and to make sure everyone stays connected. Not only can you get help as you stay in the UK with your work or startup; you will also be informed regularly with our study tips and job information.

Be excited and change your life for the better!


This is a Nee Hao and EC Elites Club event.

Ticket Prices:

Early bird: £15 (available before 20 February)
Regular admission: £20
3 for 2: £40

Order your tickets here or send a text to 07477976384 with the following contents: NEEHAO ELITES X TICKETS (replace X with the number of tickets you desire).

The Nee Hao Elites – Career and Entrepreneurship for Chinese Students Tour 2016 is coming to a city near you. Register your interest now by emailing [email protected] for special member benefits. 

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