Nee Hao FOOD! – The Little Panda in Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal Centre

Edinburgh already has two pandas – but there’s another in town! He’s definitely ready to take on Scotland’s refined appetites.


The Little Panda restaurant at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre boasts a spectacular view of the Royal Yacht Britannia and a fully customisable super-menu of treats! Nee Hao FOOD! reveals what you can’t miss at this little independently-run gem.


Steve, the Founder of the Little Panda.

Founded by Steve Lin, an enthusiastic restaurateur from Fujian province with a passion for food and good service, The Little Panda has worked extensively with its chefs to cultivate a menu that seeks to fuse East Asian flavours as well as celebrate some unique dishes.

“I want customers to leave our restaurant feeling satisfied and happy with the food, atmosphere and service. Each time they come back, I want them to feel excited about trying something new, but also have the option of something familiar that they’ve tasted before and love. That’s what I am trying to do with this menu.”

Sweet and Sour Prawns with carrots, pineapple and green pepper, as requested through PANDA FOOD FACTORY.

He told us of his hopes to reform and modernise the image of Chinese food in Scotland and to bring great service to the forefront. He’s worked as a server in many other restaurants and has through his years of experience learnt of the trials and tribulations of waiter-etiquette, as well as what it takes to please diners. Now, he has a chance to fulfil his dream and start with the very modestly-named The Little Panda

The Little Panda is dedicated to customer’s feedback and to their needs: apparently it’s ready to cater for corporate functions and parties (birthdays and engagements), as well as provide bespoke menus for special occasions.

Aromatic Duck Salad, also called “Salad of the Aromatic East”

There’s certainly no lack of choice, and in the off-chance that you want something really different, you can stray away from traditional Chinese cuisine: have a bite of Japanese-inspired prawn tempura with some wasabi-mayonnaise (from what we hear, is made with an original and secret recipe!) or perhaps indulge in relatively healthy but feisty Satay Curry Chicken Katsu on a bed of salad.

The flavours are great, and you don’t leave the restaurant with a very oily palette. The stir fry is clean-tasting, fragrant and delightful.

In addition to Chinese takeaway-goers’ favourites (such as Lemon Chicken and Sweet and Sour Stir Fry), you can swap for healthier options like Char Siu Salad, Aromatic Duck Salad or Avocado Tofu Salad. Yet the thing that really seals the deal is its innovative PANDA FOOD FACTORY which allows the diner to choose meat type or tofu, vegetables, and from salad, rice or noodles.


The Little Panda’s slogan is “little panda, big appetite!” – we definitely can see why that’s the case. Food is priced very reasonably, starters from around £3 to £5, with mains around £7-10. It’s quite a trek to Leith (unless you’re going to use the rest of the shopping centre at Ocean Terminal) from central Edinburgh – but well worth it!

Nee Hao FOOD! Breakdown:



FOOD: 4.5/5

PRICE: 4/5

RANGE: 4/5

STUDENT DISCOUNTS: 20% on takeaway and dine-in.

ADDRESS: Unit 84, Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, Ocean Drive,

Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ

OPENING HOURS: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0131 555 4435


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