No More Lotus Flower!

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No More Lotus Flower! is the creation of Julie Cheung Inhin. It brings together a collection of anecdotes and experiences from members of the industry to highlight the lack of visibility of East Asians in the media. Using a combination of documentary-style and verbatim theatre, and sprinkled with a dash of humour, the show aims to enlighten, entertain and make a stir (most definitely NOT a stir-fry, because that’s just racist, that’s the problem, see?).

Julie is an actor. She also happens to be British East Asian. Inspired by her peers, bemused by her own experiences and concerned by the lack of opportunities available to actors like herself, she has created a solo show premiering at the Camden Fringe this August.

The British-born Chinese-Mauritian actress is based in London. After a law degree and a few years working at the University of London, alongside part-time acting work, she finally decided to train professionally as an actor. She has recently graduated from Drama Studio London, where she was inspired her to create her own work. Previous credits include Something There That’s Missing for the Edinburgh Fringe and Moonwalking in Chinatown with Soho Theatre. She is a founding member of True Heart Theatre Company, where she has been in various playback performances as well as scripted performances such as Big Family: Chinese Festivals in a Flash with True Heart Theatre Company and Sweet Mandarin. Film credits include All That Remains and Solito.

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