Olay celebrates Mother’s Day in China

Saatchi & Saatchi campaign to tell your Mum she’s beautiful

Mother’s Day was celebrated in China on Sunday 11th May, so Olay decided to come up with a way of making Mothers feel loved on this special day.  The #BestBeautiful campaign recognises that a Mother’s Day message means the most when it comes from your child.

Chinee mum and baby

The way that we compliment our Mothers changes as we age: as grown-up children we’ll often pay tribute to their kindness and generosity, but we never really focus on their beauty – we leave this for someone else.  So we decided to ask children around the world what makes their Mother beautiful, because sometimes it can take the wisdom of a child to remind us that we should start telling her again.

“We wanted to capture children speaking truthfully about their Mums, and did this by asking our little actors many questions – What does your Mum look like in the morning? When does your Mum look her prettiest?  What do you love most about your mum? And we left the camera rolling.  It was totally unscripted, and this meant we got a lot of honest, sweet and charming reactions from children.” Antonia Green, Senior Copywriter.

olay[1] copy

Olay’s Your Best Beautiful Campaign:

Olay’s Your Best Beautiful Campaign, launched in January of this year, expresses women’s belief and desire that good things come from never settling and always striving to look your best. Olay gives women a voice, affirming their choice, will and determination to not settle and be their best beautiful. The Your Best Beautiful campaign encourages women to empower other women and support one another to be their best beautiful.

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