Open City Documentary Festival showcases two exciting Chinese films

Two Chinese films are being showcased for  this year’s Open City Documentary Festival,  Another Year and The Lost Arcade. 

Another Year (UK Premier)

China /2016 / 181min /Sunday, June 26- 13:30/ Regent Street Cinema

Directed by Shengzhe Zhu.

It’s a slow and meditative family portrait. Twelve months, thirteen meals. The story of a family in provincial China is unfolded. A good chance for you to contemplate on the current situation of China.


The Lost Arcade 

United States/2015/80min/Saturday, June 25 – 20:00/ Hackney Picture House

Directed by Kurt Vincent and produced by Irene Chin

Chinatown Fair opened as a penny arcade on Mott Street in 1944. Over the decades, the legendary gathering place, situated in the centre of Chinatown in the city of New York, became an institution, surviving turf wars between rival gangs, rising rents and the explosive growth of home gaming systems like Xbox and Playstation. It is also a museum of artefacts and exhibits of Chinese culture. But as the neighbourhood gentrified, this haven for a diverse community faced its strongest challenge, inspiring its biggest devotees to next-level greatness. 

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