Chinoiserie inspired – Peacocks & Dragons

Peacocks & Dragons 4 (S) copy
The Chinese Empress Dress (Left) and a unisex bomber jacket adorned with golden dragons and peacock feather sleeves (Right) (Model: Yanan Yao)

Sophie Watson’s Chinoiserie-inspired, urban collection evokes the beauty and vibrancy of a peacock, as well as the strength and grandeur of a dragon.

Femininity and masculinity, beauty and power are intertwined in this editorial.

Peacocks & Dragons 1 (S) copy
A matching evening dress of silver paisley and purple satin (Model: Yanan Yao)
Peacocks & Dragons 3(S)
Sophie Watson’s silver paisley evening wear collection (Left) and a modern Chinese Empress dress of gold dragons, purple peacock paisley and maroon trims (Right) (Model: Yi-li Lim)
Peacocks & Dragons 2 (S)
An evening waistcoat of silver paisley with two tones (Model: Hayden Munt)

PHOTOGRAPHER & RETOUCHER : FYi Photography (Emmanuelle Khoo)

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MAKEUP ARTIST & HAIR STYLIST 1 : Twinkle Makeovers (Mimie Zr)


MAKEUP ARTIST & HAIR STYLIST 2 : Candace Nicolle Make-up (Candace Nicolle)


CLOTHING DESIGNER: Sophie Watson Designs (Sophie Watson)

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