Qingdao: Opportunities for UK Businesses


Qingdao is some 400 kilometres south east of Beijing. It’s Shandong Province’s main economic centre and one of its four major ports.

Shandong is China’s third most populous province, and also the third in terms of GDP. The interplay between the province’s key cities, along with good transport links with the rest of China and, through its ports, with international markets, plus the diversity and dynamism of its economy, make it one of the most attractive areas in China for UK businesses.

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UK business interest in China has been focused on a few large established cities on or near the coast. However, these markets are maturing, competition is intensifying and costs are increasing. As a consequence companies are considering alternative locations for business expansion and development. Regional cities are fast becoming the target for local and foreign investment. The rapid rate of urbanisation, expansion and economic growth of these cities offers considerable opportunities across a wide range of industrial sectors and business activities.


UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

China Britain Business Council 


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