The Nee Hao Radio Show

Dear readers, in conclusion to our recent findings from the focus groups we held, the feature you most want is a radio show talking about interesting topics, relevant news, issues, and problems regarding British Chinese culture. Therefore we are pleased to announce that a radio show will be implemented as a weekly 2 hour slot, available on this web site and selected radio channels every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm, starting November 2011. 


Reasons for a Nee Hao Radio Show

The Nee Hao Radio show will give the British Chinese community an additional platform to air any topics, and to promote the British Chinese/East Asian music scene which is also known as the UK CPop movement. As Nee Hao Media is an independent organisation, the content of the radio show can be without prejudice and therefore it will have a ‘keeping it real’ style.

Why Launch in November 2011? 

Launching a radio show requires a complex understanding of the legalities, rules and regulations surrounding it, so getting the various clearances such as licences and the planning of the format requires this time frame.

Who’s involved?

Audience participation is vital to this radio project so if you would like to get involved, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We have the support of the British Chinese, East Asians, Mainland Chinese artists and producers.

The executive producer is Peter Coventry who has over 20 years experience in the radio industry, and Dee Lo who is the co producer and DJ on BBC Radio Chinatown. Nee Hao’s editor Steven Ip will also be presenting the show.

First show to be broadcast on Sunday 11th November 2011 at 8pm with DJ Lazyellow one of the UK’s premier British Chinese DJs. 

Beilei – Shanghai, Let’s Dance! (Lazyellow Bootleg) by lazyellow
Special guests such as singer Ayi jihu will be featured.


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