Register for Nee Hao Elites – Entrepreneurship for Chinese Students (London)

The Nee Hao Elites – Career and Entrepreneurship for Chinese Students Tour 2016 is coming to London this Autumn. 

Register your interest now by emailing [email protected] for special member benefits. 


Have you ever thought of how to continue down your elite path after graduation?

You might be thinking of…

– Staying in the UK for work: being part of world-leading teams and enterprises

– Startups: be your own boss and a leader for others

– Life planning: preparing you for the life of your dreams

Nee Hao Elites are here to help you all the way — be it to your workplace or to your life plan.

This event is for Chinese and East Asian students in the London catchment area.

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For further information and to register your interest, please email: [email protected]

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