RnB Singer: Beilei, Shanghai

Singing in Chinese, French and English, Beilei represents an emerging generation of recording artists whose music maps a new geography.
Born in Wenzhou, China and raised in Paris, France, her artistry is a passport that transports her worldwide. Watch her music video currently doing the rounds in China, soon to be coming to Europe, the Chinese female RnB singer Beilei.


Beilei talks to Nee Hao, her recent performance onCCTV1 was seen by over 40 million viewers.

What age did you start singing?

I started singing at the age of 2 so I’ve been singing pretty much my whole life. I was in my church’s choir for a while and then started recording after finishing college.

What are your musical influences?
Gospel, soul, funk, RnB & Pop, by people like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson.

How many languages can you speak?

I speak 3 languages, French, English and Chinese.

How long does it take you to write a song ?
It really depends, sometimes even if I have a solid hook it might take a while…but if inspiration comes it can be done in just a few hours like the French pavilion’s theme song!

What best describes your style?

Mainly Pop and RnB

How was performing in Hong Kong and the Shanghai Expo?

My performances in Hong Kong was part of the Music Matters Live, I had some apprehensions at first playing in front of all the people from the industry, once the music started I was all good.
At the Expo, I started with the French Pavilion’s opening party and did the whole French week from June 14th. It was like a marathon between interviews and the performances in the French Pavilion, the European square and even outside the Expo site. It was really tiring for me to do a non stop 9 consecutive days of performances and ending up live on CCTV1!! The audience was awesome, they sung and danced with me, I felt so blessed to be able to share my music with people from all over the world!

Is it hard to break into the music industry in China?

I think this industry is hard to break anywhere in the world and China is no different. Each country has its particularities and you have to adapt .

What’s the secret behind your soulful voice?
Real life experience…when you have to fight for something, there will be scars.

French food, Chinese food, or both?

I like all foods so it really doesn’t matter, both are excellent!

Any pets?

I had cats and dogs. I really like animals, I have a cat at home and I hope to have a dog soon  …. only problem is that I am not often at home because dogs need a lot of attention.

What is in the pipeline Beilei?

My album “In Between Two Worlds” should drop shortly and we are preparing for its release. Performance wise I am preparing a concert in my hometown: Wenzhou and other performances in China and France too.
‘The most romantic wedding‘ performed by Beilei at the opening ceremony of the Expo in Shanghai, French Pavilion whose audience included the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and he also has a copy of the album. In China it has already been seen over 300,00 times.

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