ROSES – The new dark pop song by British Chinese artist Le Fil

ROSES is the new dark pop song unleashed by Le Fil that explores dangerous romances – the ones that hurt, the guilty affairs, the brief encounters – relationships we know are bad, but we keep on going back for more.

The animated music video co-directed by Le Fil and animator Tom Kemp (Jamie XX, Gyilym Gold) that continues Le Fil’s ‘pop sculptural’ fusion of music and art. Following Le Fil’s previous performance-based videos for Genesis and Taxi, this slick and stealth-like visual focuses entirely on a single stem rose. Roses leads the viewer into every angle of its entity turning it almost alien. Delving from its voluptuous petals to its sharp thorns, the video explores the roses’ many sides until its climatic eruption ending.

“I wanted the Roses video to be dark and epic to really reflect the contrast in the song – where someone can be so bad for you but you can’t let go. The rose becomes a character that is simultaneously seductive and inviting, yet sinister and dangerous. You can’t separate the two which is where the contrast of tension and release is, and how the video ends.”

Roses is written by Le Fil and features new cover art and is the third single to be released from Le Fil’s current EP ‘Nightlife’.

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