See Woo Extra Virgin Soy Sauce with a Chicken and Pak Choi Recipe

SeeWoo, the UK’s leading supplier of Oriental foods to wholesale, retail and restaurateurs, are delighted to have launched the first ever Extra Virgin Soy Sauce in the UK.  The Extra Virgin Soy Sauce will be exclusive to Pearl River Bridge and distributed by SeeWoo Foods Ltd. Customers will be able to buy this unique new product from SeeWoo shops in Soho, Greenwich and Glasgow.

What makes the sauce different from other soy’s is the brewing method, which uses natural sunlight to ferment the soy producing a purer, richer flavour with a very distinct aroma. This extra virgin sauce is drawn from the first fermentation, giving it its unique and clean flavour.

Unlike Dark or Light Soy Sauces, Extra Virgin Soy Sauce has an aroma and taste that is a little more complex and therefore can be used for cooking, dipping sauces and putting on meals, it really is a store cupboard staple. Meals that the Soy Sauce is perfect with include Stir Fried Vegetables with Extra Virgin Soy Sauce and Yam Noodles and Steamed Chicken with Soy and Chilli Oil.

Stanley Tse, Founder of SeeWoo and President of Chinatown, comments; “There are eight main countries producing a range of the soy sauces but I am pleased to say that we are the first to create an Extra Virgin variety.  The UK has embraced the use of soy sauce in cooking and as a condiment for many years and I am confident that the flavour and versatility of the product will make it an instant favourite with restaurateurs and the public.”

NEW Extra virgin soy sauce:

This is a new variety exclusive to Pearl River Bridge. The brewing method uses natural sunlight to ferment the soy producing a purer, richer flavour with a very distinct aroma. This Extra Virgin sauce is drawn from the first fermentation, which is what gives it its unique and clean flavour.

Light soy sauce:

This soy is thinner and a lighter colour than other varieties. It is a good sauce for seasoning food as it is saltier, and has a less rich colour and flavour. Light soy sauce can be double-fermented to add further complexity to the flavour.

Dark soy sauce:

This soy is darker and thicker in texture. Aged longer, it contains caramel and may also contain molasses, which give it the deeper colour. This variety is primarily used as an ingredient for cooking because the flavour enhances during cooking. It is richer in taste and slightly sweeter than light soy sauce.

Mushroom soy sauce:

This sauce is produced in the same way as traditional dark soy sauce, however in the final ageing stage the juice from straw mushrooms is mixed in and then the soy is exposed to the sun. The addition of the mushroom essence gives this soy a richer flavour than normal dark soy sauce.

Steamed Chicken with Extra Virgin Soy Sauce and Way-On Chilli Oil

Steamed Chicken with Pak Choi


Serve with steamed rice 

1x whole chicken

Pinch of salt

Pak choi (or choi sum)


2 tbs extra virgin soy sauce

2 x cloves garlic (finely chopped)

2 x birdseye chillis (finely chopped)

1 x inch ginger (finely chopped)

1 tbs sugar

1 tbs cider vinegar

2 x spring onions (finely sliced)

To taste – Way On chilli oil with shrimp


Steam the chicken in a steamer for an hour with a pinch of salt. Rest whilst preparing the sauce/ pak choi.

Prepare the sauce by mixing all ingredients together.

Keep the stock from the chicken, bring to the boil and blanch the pak choi for 1 minute.

Place pak choi on a serving plate. Cut the meat from the chicken into chunks/ strips then arrange on top. Add the skin and brush with remaining juices of the chicken.

Have separate dipping bowls for the sauce and Way On chilli oil with shrimp.


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