Shu Fa at Cricket Ground Lake District

Shu fa is the Chinese art and theorem of writing, traditionally known as calligraphy, which the Yangjiang Group utilise as a unique form to develop diverse contemporary art practices and experiences. Yangjiang is an artistic group founded in 2002 by Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin. They used the name Yangjiang as a tribute to a new city of that name developed from a small ancient town situated in the south of the Guangdong province – the avant-garde region of China’s modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation.


Yangjiang Group are designing and building a new large-scale artwork based on traditional Chinese tea pavilion as the focal point of the exhibition in Eastside Projects.

Visitors are invited to use the ten metre square, four metre high wooden and plastic pavilion, and can climb the first floor to view eating and calligraphy in the gallery.

On 16th March 2012, a meal will take place in the Pavilion, guests can watch the artists form a series of Shu Fa works.


The Shu Fa is then put on large scale billboard posters of the gallery surrounding the Pavilion. The Pavilion is a demountable structure and will shift function after the exhibition for its ongoing life with Grizedale Arts as it becomes a prototype cricket pavilion at Coniston

Eastside Projects and Grizedale Arts feel an affinity to Yangjiang Group as artists – or more precisely, creators – their work includes activities that transcend conventional definitions of art to include design, architecture, and all aspects of everyday life, intervening in the urban expansion process in the most extraordinary and liberating of ways.

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